About me

I enjoy programming software and managing computers, and I have been doing so since 2002. I am skilled with many of the technologies that power web applications: Linux systems, databases, web applications, and web user interfaces.

I thrive on solving complex problems and I love working in a team. I am passionate about doing excellent work, and I believe that effective and respectful communication is a key component of every successful software team.

I am a strong believer in Test-Driven Development. I am well versed in Agile Development practices, and I participate actively in the open source community.

Lastly, I think that having a sense of humor about stuff helps you not die.


Software Architect - GovDelivery, St. Paul, MN (January 2009 - present) Senior Web Developer - Internet Broadcasting Systems, Minneapolis, MN (December, 2005 - December, 2008) Web Developer - Fisher Real Estate, L.L.L.P., Baltimore, MD (May 2002 - December 2005)

Some Open-Source Projects




test-driven development, agile development, object-oriented programming, web accessibility, open source software, continuous integration, devops


Ruby, JavaScript, Java, Bash, SQL, Clojure, PHP, Actionscript, PL/SQL, C, Objective-C, XSLT, XPATH, HTML, XML, Akamai ESI, CSS, regular expressions, Git, Subversion, CVS, Rake, Ant, Capistrano


Ruby on Rails, Node.js, Puppet, Sinatra, Spring, Prototype, jQuery, Mule ESB, iOS, Flex

Persistence and Messaging

Oracle, Kafka, MySQL, Redis, PostgreSQL, Sqlite, ActiveMQ, Zookeeper, Neo4j, memcached, Cassandra